Waterfalls and Planes – Allie Lilio

Waterfalls and Planes

I must say that our second day in Iceland was a pretty good one.  We woke up early and set out to hike down Solheimasandur beach to see the old abandoned DC-3 plane that crashed there in 1973. It took us just over an hour to walk all the way from the parking area to the actual plane which felt like an hour of walking through Mars. The ground was black sand and rock and there was nothing in the horizon as far as we could see, which had become a regular theme throughout our entire stay in Iceland.  Had we not read about it beforehand we would have probably thought we were going the wrong way.  It was slightly eerie but also kind of beautiful at the same time. 

Later that same day we went to Skogafos waterfall which was nothing but gorgeous.  It was humongous and the amount of water pouring over it was intense. It was breathtaking.  Without fail every time I come face to face with one of these powerful natural beauties I cant help but be in awh of God’s creativity and attention to detail. It’s like he hid these beautiful gifts all over the world just because he knew how much we would enjoy finding and admiring them. And I totally love that.


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