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2017 a year of travel

As I’m looking back at 2017 I realize it was definitely a year defined by travel and trusting to follow the Lords lead. As I’m sitting here realizing how many places Andrew and I were able to go I’m blown away by the sweetness of the Lord to know my heart.  For years I longed to travel and there were many times I made it known to Andrew, but back then there seemed to be a big fat “its never going to happen” sign slapped across my dream. Yet I continued to ache for the desire within me.  I don’t remember if I actually prayed that the Lord would make a way for us to travel but weather I did or not he knew me deeply and chose to give me the desires of my heart. 

It all started in the summer of 2016 when 2 major things happened.  The first was that after years of working our butts off Andrew and I paid off the mortgage on our Condo.  Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus! It was a goal we set out to accomplish from the moment we got married and bought our condo, but also one that was heavily criticized and mocked by many around us. Around the same time we paid off the condo Andrew was approached to teach in Ireland and with a suddenly light financial responsibility at home we were able to take the offer. That fall we traveled to Ireland, London and New York.

As 2016 came to a close Andrew made the major decision to step away from cutting hair full time and left his salon so that he could take time so focus on and seek out what he was called to do next. At that point I took on the financial responsibility for our household and yet I continued to feel led to cut back on my work as well.  As crazy as it sounds I began to book less weddings and less clients in the salon yet I had complete peace with the fact that my husband and I were suddenly making a fraction of the income we were used to. 

And then the travel opportunities started coming in.  Each time Andrew and I would discuss it, “can we afford it”? I’d figure out how much the trip would cost us (Andrew taught classes on a lot of the trips and in those cases part of our travel was compensated) then check our finances and somehow every time the money was there.  And so went the year.  We traveled to New Orleans in January, Virginia City and Tahoe in February, Dallas in March, Ireland in May/June, Vegas in July, San Francisco in Aug, Iceland in September, Ireland in October, Anza in November and Las Vegas in November, and lots of Disneyland in between. I know Disneyland doesn’t require travel for us, but just as every trip we’ve taken has been a direct blessing from the Lord, so is the opportunity to have a Disneyland Annual Passport.

As this New year begins I’m excited to see what it contain and where it will take us.  I would love another year filled with travel, honestly I would love the rest of my life to be filled with travel, but I will go where the Lord calls me.  Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from 2017 it’s to trust the Lord. To seek him in every aspect of life and follow his lead even when it may not make sense.  He works in ways we may not understand, working less and traveling more doesn’t usually add up but with God all things are possible. Halfway through 2016 he began the foundation for 2017.  Realizing that now and looking back at what he started halfway through 2017… Oh Lord, I cant wait!!

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