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5 tips for finding your perfect wedding day hairstyle

1. WEATHER Nothing can ruin a good hairstyle like inhospitable weather. That’s not to say you can’t have great hair in bad weather but there are most certainly hairstyles more durable then others. Because of this it’s very important to take into consideration what the probable weather conditions may be on your wedding day. If you’re getting married in mid June when the weather is at it’s best your options are pretty much endless. That is unless you’re getting married on the beach where humidity is high and can make a curl fall faster then a hot potato. If you’re wedding is in the middle of winter and there’s rain in the forecast, it might be a good idea to consider an updo instead of a down style. I’ve seen well secured updos survive the rain and still look great whereas I’ve seen quite the opposite on brides who have insisted on wearing their hair down despite the bad weather.2. DRESS The devil is in the details and that’s no exception to your wedding. Not only do we brides spend countless hours dreaming of and searching for the perfect wedding dress, but we also have a vision of what the atmosphere and style of the entire wedding will be. Its incredibly important to keep these things in mind when choosing your wedding day hairstyle. If you found your dream dress and it has a high neck line with beautiful lace detail and pearl buttons down the back, you’re probably not going to want to wear your hair down or you’ll end up covering all that beautiful detail. Instead you might want to consider an updo or perhaps something side swept so that only a small amount of detail is covered. And lets say you found your dream dress and it’s a classic ball gown with elaborate beading on the bodice and your entire wedding is decorated in sparkling crystals and chandeliers, you may not want to choose a braided boho hairstyle. Instead you may consider something more glamourous to compliment the elegant style of your wedding like a vintage curl, or a low bun.

3. PERSONAL HAIR TEXTURE When looking for your potential wedding day hair you want to keep in mind the texture, length and style of your actual hair. Is your hair fine or coarse, thin or thick, short or long… These things all factor into the bottom line when deciding if you can or can not have a particular hairstyle. I was in a wedding once and I had my heart set on a particular hairstyle. It was wispy and romantic and I loved it. I knew it wouldn’t work on me because unlike the girl in the picture who had thinner finely textured hair, I have thick coarse heavy hair. This was my first time having another professional style my hair, I normally do it myself but I knew and trusted her, so I sat in her chair and showed her the picture. I knew the answer before she said it but I thought what the heck, Ill try. Maybe she knew a trick I didn’t… there was no trick and I couldn’t have the hairstyle. I was ok with that because I understood the reason, but so many times I have brides come to me requesting hairstyles that their hair can’t accommodate and they end up feeling crushed. So when looking for hairstyle ideas try to look for styles on people who have a similar hair type as you do to avoid getting your heart set on something you can’t have. And always remember, if you cant help but get your heart set on a style, like long flowing curls but you have shorter thinner hair, extensions are always an option. In fact I’d say about 50% of brides wear extensions on their wedding day and upwards to 90% of brides wearing their hair down are using extensions. If you’re not open to using extensions, or there’s no room for them in the budget, do your best to look for styles realistic to your own hair’s capabilities.

4. TRIAL Ever imagine something in your head as absolutely perfect only to find out that in real life it leaves you disappointed? Having a trial run for your hairstyle is your opportunity to find out if what you imagined is what you actually want. Its your chance to fine tune your decision or completely change it if necessary. It is absolutely ok to go into your trial with one style in mind and end up choosing something completely different for your wedding day. That’s what the trial is for, to try it out and see how it fits. Sometimes it’s a perfect match and sometimes its way off. And that’s ok, but it’s also something that you do not want to have to deal with on your actual wedding day. Your wedding day should be as enjoyable as possible and the last thing you want is for a pesky hair decision to cause undue stress when it could have been handled weeks or months before.5. BE YOURSELF The most important thing to remember is you want to look like YOU on your wedding day, only the very best version of you. It can be so easy to get caught up in the idea of this fantasy wedding, especially when we can see so many beautiful pictures all over Pinterest and Instagram feeding us unlimited ideas, but its important to remember that those brides in the pictures aren’t you. It sounds so silly to say but it’s easier then you may think to forget. Your wedding day is yours and you want it to reflect you. And just as important, when you walk down that isle and see your fiancé for the first time, you want him to recognize YOU too. So If you’re the girl who wears your hair down every single day of the week it may not be a good idea to wear your hair up. Even if you’ve seen the most gorgeous updo of your life and fell in love, if its not ‘You” you may end up not feeling like yourself and regretting it later. That’s not to say you cant have an updo even if you always wear your hair down, what’s important is to be honest with yourself and make sure that whatever style you choose makes you feel confident and beautiful, the way every bride should feel on her wedding day.All hair by: Allie Liliokalani

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