A Carnival Themed 1st bday for my Niece – Allie Lilio

A Carnival Themed 1st bday for my Niece

What’s more of a bummer then you’re oldest brother moving to Montana and you not being able to see him like you want to? Him meeting a lovely lady and having his 2 youngest babies in Montana and not being able to see them!! It had been 4 years since he moved up there and unfortunately neither of us were able to visit each other during that time. So when he was finally able to come down a few weeks ago I couldn’t wait to see him and finally meet my 2 youngest nieces Vida and Sylvia. 

Sylvia had just turned one a few days before their visit so my sister, mom and I decided to throw a birthday party for her.  Now we usually have loads of time to plan a party but in this instance we had just over a week, and honestly I think we did a pretty good job for having such a small timeframe to plan.  We decided on a carnival theme because I already had an old fashioned hotdog and popcorn maker. My sister ordered carnival games from Orientaltrading.com and the rest was from the Dollar Tree. Party on a budget! Woot!

It Was so much fun.  I don’t think there’s anything better then having my entire family together in one place. The one thing I wish I did was get a picture of myself with my sister both brothers and my mom. But oh well, I’ll be sure to next time we’re all together.



Hotdog/Popcorn Maker



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