Barber Cut Dublin – Allie Lilio

Barber Cut Dublin

The reason for our trip. The wonderful event that finally got us to make the leap and cross the pond. Barber Cut Dublin. Let me just start by saying this; yes, I know that Andrew has a large following on Instagram, 133,000+ followers is no small amount. Yes, I know that Andrew gets recognized by people all the time, but that’s usually near home. And yes, I know that Andrew’s hair product, ADH, is sold in other countries including Ireland. These are things I know and I am always proud of. He’s a creative and inspiring man, its one of the things I love most about him. But somehow knowing all of those things did not prepare me for the reality of what those very things meant.

Every day Andrew spends hours thinking, dissecting the smallest and largest parts of our industry from the corporate level to the personal level in hopes of changing the industry for the better. And then he shares his insights through his posts on Instagram for a chance that others might benefit from his efforts. He has such a heart for what he does. For helping people he’s never even met. And in theory we know that he is reaching people and he is making a difference. In theory. Well let me tell you, knowing something in theory is completely different then experiencing it.

I’ve seen Andrew teach many times but I’ve never seen him as nervous before speaking as he was at Barber Cut Dublin. I understood his nerves, he had never spoke in another country before and didn’t know if what he had to say would mean the same to this crowd. And then he began. I could see heads in the crowd nodding in agreement and there were moments where his words silenced the otherwise constantly murmuring crowd. His message was well received. And if we had any doubt an unending stream of attendees made time to tell him personally how much he had impacted them and their careers. These people were not just from Ireland but were from England, Italy, the Netherlands and more.  It was incredible to hear the stories, to see their faces and shake their hands. And I was more then happy to be the photographer for everyone who wanted a picture with him.

Throughout the weeks we were in Ireland we would pop into different barber shops we came across and almost every time we saw his product sitting there on display. The barbers working in the shop would immediately recognize Andrew and stop what they were doing to tell him how much they loved his work and to get a picture with him.  It was more then we ever expected.

I don’t know if I can find the words to express how proud it made me to experience the reach of my husbands passion. I do know that along with pride it filled me with excitement. I could literally see Andrew being revived and invigorated. He was filled with a new fire for what he does. Something that we didn’t even realize he needed. Timing is everything and I believe the Lord opened the door to this trip because he knew exactly what we needed even when we didn’t know ourselves. Its more then just cutting, styling or teaching about hair. There’s something bigger there. In the connection and the community. I’m blessed to be a part of it, to see first hand how it unfolds. I don’t know what else is in store but I know its going to be something really good.

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