Black Tie Evening – Allie Lilio

Black Tie Evening

Andrew and I go to a lot of weddings and I love every one of them, but it’s not often that these weddings are “Black Tie” events. Oh boy was I excited when we got our invitation for this wedding! I could not wait to go get a floor length gown and get all dolled up. (Just for a little insight into my love of formals, I threw a Prom for my 25th birthday because as an adult there are just not enough reasons to wear a gown. It was amazing!) And lucky for me, Andrew Loves to suit up as well. It was a rainy, windy day and wreaked a bit of havoc on my hair, but it was an absolute blast!

Dress: Windsor

Suit: Original Penguin

Photographer: Roya Jade

2 comments on Black Tie Evening

  1. Chrissy Torres
    at (4 years ago)

    Girl you are rockin that dress! Your pictures are amazing and I’m really enjoying your blog. So inspired! Love to read how much love you and Andrew have for eachother and how much you support one another! Thanks for sharing.

  2. alliecat
    at (4 years ago)

    Thank you! I loved that dress! It was such a fun night. And thank you for your sweet comment, it really means a lot!

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