Castle Leslie Estate – Allie Lilio

Castle Leslie Estate

Castle Leslie was magical! I know that sounds cheesy but I don’t care. It was so magical from the moment we got there until the moment we left.  It felt like we were in the Enchanted Forest and I 100% would not have been surprised if Snow White came walking out from behind one of the trees looking for Prince Charming.  Again, I know that sounds cheesy but it’s not an exaggeration.  We loved staying here! Not only was it so beautiful but the staff was amazing, the food was amazing, the room was huge and the price was fantastic! It was just perfect.

In total Andrew fashion as soon as we made the reservations to stay in a castle he immediately went online and ordered us each a crown, tiara and goblets.  He said that if we were going to be staying in a castle we were going to act like royalty! Its all about having fun you know?!

We didn’t do much the few days we were there except explore.  We would walk around the property and around every turn was something beautiful to see.  Everything was so green and lush! We didn’t want to leave. 

Castle Leslie

Tiara, crown & goblet: Amazon

Floral Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Black top: Forever 21

Leather jacket: Bod & Christensen




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