Castles? We’ve Got Castles! – Allie Lilio

Castles? We’ve Got Castles!

It’s one of those things you just don’t realize is so special because its always been there. I know with me sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live only 20 min from Disneyland and to be able to go nearly every week. That’s how it seems to be with the Irish and their castles. Andrew and I were constantly in awh of all the castles in Ireland. Some fully functioning, some in ruins but all jaw dropping and gorgeous. One of our friends in Ireland was laughing at us because I had a SnapChat story about how we were driving down the highway, saw signs for a castle and immediately got off the highway to find it.  We were so excited about it and he thought it was funny. But it’s just like when we told him we go to Disneyland almost every week. He couldn’t believe it. All these people in Ireland are so used to seeing castles everywhere they go it seems completely normal to them. But for us, being from a country that hasn’t even been around as long as most of their castles, we were floored to be able to see them and walk through them. Imagine all the things that happened in them, there’s so much history. Of all the castles we saw there were a few I had really hoped to visit and didn’t get the chance. But there’s always next time. I have a feeling we’ll be back here again soon.


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