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Our First Time

Although Andrew and I are both hairdressers we’ve taken very different directions in our careers. We both started out across the board doing all types of hair, men’s, women’s, color, cut, styling ect. But it wasn’t long before we both narrowed down our fields to what we excelled at most, and funnily enough they were complete opposites. The nice thing about it has always been that if I get a request for something I don’t do, I send that client to Andrew. And when Andrew gets a request for something […] Read more…


Maui is such a special place for Andrew and I. Of course its beautiful, and it goes without saying that it’s one of the best vacation spots for everyone around the world. But for Andrew and I it has become the place where we go when we need to stop, reset and recharge. I’d been to the islands multiple times before with my family, but never to Maui. Our honeymoon was my first trip to Maui and Andrew’s first trip to the islands altogether. That in itself gave it a […] Read more…

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