Cliffs Of Moher – Allie Lilio

Cliffs Of Moher

If ever there was a place to be described as breathtaking, the Cliffs of Moher is it. This was one of the only things that was a “must see” on my Ireland to do list. We’d been staying in Dublin so we rented a car (I did the driving! I killed it at driving on the wrong side of the road!) and drove 3 hours across the island to see the cliffs. That day had been particularly rainy and the closer we got the worse the weather got. Once we arrived at the Cliffs the parking attendant let us know that there was zero visibility and that we would have better luck trying again the next morning. So we headed to find a nearby B&B. Along the way we made a few pit stops to take pictures of the animals that were grazing near the road (Andrew LOVED the cows!), and tried again the next morning.

Best decision ever! When we showed up the next morning the sky was clear and we could see for miles. It was absolutely breathtaking. We walked along the cliffs absorbing the beauty for a few hours. In one spot the waves were crashing so hard that the spray felt like rain hitting us all the way at the top of the cliffs. And the water was 600 feet below us! Which brings up a little side note: Andrew is afraid of heights and threatened to divorce me if I got too close to the edge of the cliffs! Hahah! He also refused to climb to the top of the lookout tower with me! Good thing I don’t mind doing things by myself. 😉  As we walked toward the lookout tower it felt like we were walking through a storm tunnel. All of a sudden the wind and rain were so intense it felt like we were going to get blown over and we had to make a run for it to find shelter in the tower. Without fail the raw power in nature always blows me away.


Jacket: Uniqlo

Flannel: Charolette Russe

Boots: Steve Madden


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