Dunluce Castle – Allie Lilio

Dunluce Castle

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Andrew and I love the Castles in Ireland. We just don’t see that kind of thing where we live in Southern California.  We had heard about Dunluce castle before because the history is quite interesting but we didn’t realize we were so close to it until we saw it in the “things to do” suggestions in our hotel room.  When we realized we were only 15 min away we thought well dang, we’ve got to go see it!

So here’s this castle built on the edge of a cliff, actually not even on the cliff but on a small piece of land just outside of the cliff and surrounded by water. Originally you could only get to the castle by drawbridge, at this point they’ve built a permanent bridge for easy access.

So the last part of the family who lived in this castle for hundreds of years finally moved out for the craziest reason.  Apparently one evening while they were waiting for dinner the entire kitchen and kitchen staff fell off into the ocean.  Um yeah, I would move out after that too! Now this is what I’m curious about; did the staff have any idea that was going to happen? Had they seen cracks in the floor or walls? Had they felt the ground shift?  Did they warn the family? And if they did warn the family did the family ignore the situation or attempt to do anything about it? That’s what’s really interesting to me.  How can a whole section of your home fall off into the ocean without you at least having an idea that something was wrong?!  Like I said, I find it all very intriguing.

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