Getaway with the besties – Allie Lilio

Getaway with the besties

Life can get so busy that weeks can go by without being able to see your friends, even friends that live exactly 4 min away.  Its kind of a bummer, so when the opportunity came up for us to have an overnight getaway we all jumped on it.  We packed up the car, packed up the snacks and headed out to a place with barely there Wi-Fi, spotty cell service and a whole lot of space. 

We spent almost all of our time outside running around getting sweaty and covered in dust. We rode the quad and the golf cart, played by the pond and fed the fish, set up the tripod and pretended to be cheerleaders/gymnasts… You know, just the normal stuff. 😉  I wouldn’t consider myself the outdoorsy type but I will tell you that whenever I spend a little quality time outside I absolutely LOVE it! And that just shows me that time away and time outside is something I need to make more of an effort towards including in my life on a regular basis.  Especially if it includes friends, because don’t they just make everything better?!


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  1. Chloe
    at (5 years ago)

    Love this!!!! ????

  2. Mamas
    at (5 years ago)

    Love all the pictures. Glad you all had a great time. The place is yours when every you need time away from your hectic lives.