Iceland? Sure we’ll go! – Allie Lilio

Iceland? Sure we’ll go!

People kept asking us why we were going to Iceland and we would joke that it was just a pit stop on the way to Ireland. Like, “oh yeah we’re just these big time travelers so we’re going to swing by Iceland real quick to check it out. No big deal.” Haha! I’m so sure.  The truth is it was all about the airfare.  We had heard about this Icelandic airline, Wow Airlines, that has really good deals on airfare to European countries.  The only catch is that every flight has a 15-22 hr layover in Iceland.  On our previous trips to Ireland we dismissed it because we just wanted to get there as quick as possible and the idea of a 20hr layover sounded awful. But when it came time to plan this trip we thought, well heck, why not do it and check out what Iceland is all about. Then once we started looking into Iceland we realized 20hrs isn’t enough time to do anything at all so we decided to spend a few days there instead of a few hours.

By the end of our first day the only thing we knew for sure was that we needed to see more. We saw a beautiful waterfall and a lot of creeks and streams running through the otherwise empty open land.  We couldn’t really figure out where the streams were coming from, they just seemed to spring up from the ground and then disappear back into the ground… And there weren’t many people around, at all.  It was all very very quiet… It was so much different then any other place we’d traveled before so we didn’t really know how we felt about it yet, but we were intrigued to see more.

Ray-Ban Glasses

Hooded Fur Trim Coat

Wow Air

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