Ireland Again?! – Allie Lilio

Ireland Again?!

Ireland again? Yes this is our third time going to Ireland in one year but I will tell you the same thing we’ve told our family and friends and the same thing we told customs when they were questioning us pretty heavily before letting us out of the airport. No we are not planning on moving to Ireland, we just really really love it there! And one of the biggest reasons is because of all the friends we’ve made there.  I mean like real, honest to goodness friends.  And a sweet little bonus to this trip was that because it’s so close to England a few of our friends from London and Milton Keynes were able to fly over to see us! Every time we go it’s harder to leave, and every time we leave I miss it more and more.

I will admit though, that with so many friends to spend time with and only 6 days to do it in we did not have a break. We were up early every morning and out late every night.  We were absolutely exhausted by the end of our trip! But we were exhausted in the best way possible.



Stripe Baseball Tee

Black Floral Dress

Black Denim Skirt

Olive Knit Sweater


2 comments on Ireland Again?!

  1. Duana
    at (5 years ago)

    Looks like an amazing place. We have never been but are actually looking to move there in the future! We’ll have to make some contacts before we make the big move!

  2. alliecat
    at (5 years ago)

    Omg that’s amazing! you’ll love it there. Its absolutely beautiful and the people are so nice! The only thing you’ll have to be prepared for is rain all year long. But if you don’t mind rain you’ll be good to go.