Ireland, We Made It! – Allie Lilio

Ireland, We Made It!

I’ve wanted to travel to Europe for so long but I never thought it would ever really happen. So when the opportunity to go to Ireland came up I was more then eager to jump on it!  But still all through the planning and booking process I had a really hard time believing it was real. And then it finally arrived and for the entire day before we left my stomach was doing flips. I was so nervous and excited all at once. There were so many unknowns that I just didn’t know what to expect. Neither I nor Andrew had ever been out of the country before.

Despite my doubts of its reality it really happened and we had finally arrived in Ireland. YAY!  We survived the 13hrs of travel, which let me just say is not the most comfortable in coach seats when you’re a tall long legged person, but it was worth every minute.

It was 930am by the time we reached our hotel (130am at home). We had been advised that the best way to adjust to the time change was to stay awake until it was an appropriate time to go to sleep in Ireland, so we knew we couldn’t go to our room or we’d fall asleep for sure.  So we headed out to find food and do a bit of exploring. The first thing that grabbed our attention were the cobblestone streets. These streets were legitimately paved in medieval times! We were standing on streets that were older then the country we live in, it sort of blew our minds.

After a few hours of wandering the lack of sleep was really starting to hit us. I was still pumped on the fact that we were where we were but my eyes were starting to hurt and Andrew’s state of exhaustion was starting to give way to crankiness. It was still only 130pm so we found a Costa Coffee and spent the next few hours consuming more caffeine then I ever have before just to keep ourselves awake.

It was a tough but we did it. We were able to keep ourselves awake long enough to adjust to the time difference. So with heavy eyes and happy hearts we were finally able to go to bed and get the glorious sleep we needed.  14 hours of rest later we were ready for our Irish adventure.

Coat: Anne Klein

Top: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Sunglass Spot

Andrew’s Jacket: Straight To Hell

Andrew’s Sunglasses: Oakley

Andrew’s Backpack: Promaster


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