Its A Mad Barbie – Allie Lilio

Its A Mad Barbie

So I found a picture of this amazing mod 60s looking Barbie and I just HAD to recreate her. But before I even booked a model or a photographer I wanted to go out and see if it was even possible for me to find clothes similar enough to the ones in the photo. I mean, if I couldn’t find the right outfit or jewelry then it wouldn’t quite work. So I went down to my local Goodwill to see what I could find. Sure enough there was this absolutely perfect dress that had the same essence as the outfit the Barbie was wearing. Score! And then the same thing happened when I went over to Charming Charlie and I found the perfect jewelry! It was meant to be.

So the day of the shoot came and it was like it had a life of its own. Everything just kept falling into place. Hair, Makeup, dress, jewelry, they were all perfect. And then at the last minute we had this vision of doing some loungey cocktail style pictures. Which was no doubt inspired by how amazing our model looked. So we threw a few things together and bam, we instantly felt like we were in a scene of Mad Men! It was so beautiful! Pure magic!

Hair: Allie Liliokalani

Makeup: Chelsea Pagnini

Photographer: Roya Jade

Model: Emma Becerra

Extensions: Bellami Hair

Dress: GoodWill

Jewelry: Charming Charlie

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