Living Dolls – Allie Lilio

Living Dolls

I love working on photoshoots! There’s so much creative freedom for a makeup artist or hairdresser and the styles tend to be much less polished then typically requested at a wedding. Which is a blast for me because I love big, messy, lived in looks. Especially when working with a fun lifestyle clothing company.  And Living Doll is a pretty rad company. Their clothes are amazing (I literally wanted to buy everything at the shoot!) and they have a complete standard and plus size line.  Not to mention everything is made in the USA, which I seriously love about them. This shoot was such a blast, we had so much fun running through so many different looks in one day. And honestly, its always a blast to work with my friend and makeup artist Amy Clarke. By the end of the day I pretty much had my heart set on personally owning most of the clothes from the shoot and I may or may not have immediately purchased multiple items as soon as they were available. Haha, how could I not?!

Clothing: Living Doll LA, Living Doll LA Plus

Hair: Allie Liliokalani

Makeup: Amy Clarke

Models: Lyzy Adler, Bo Stanley

Photographer: Michael Oliveri

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