London Baby! – Allie Lilio

London Baby!

If Andrew and I were F*R*I*E*N*D*S on their trip to London I would be Joey and Andrew would be Chandler.  Ok so Andrew wasn’t nearly as cranky as Chandler was, but he definitely doesn’t love crowds especially when he’s in foreign surroundings. Me on the other hand, it doesn’t bother me one bit. Exploring London was beyond what I could have expected. Everywhere I turned, every few feet I walked was something new and magnificent to look at. I mean, as small as those red phone booths and the cute old-school looking taxis to the towering beauty of Westminster Abby and Big Ben it felt like an unending stream of visual stimulation. It honestly makes me a bit jealous to have seen the intricate detail in their architecture. Their Buildings are masterpieces. I wasn’t expecting to be so swept away by this city. I mean, obviously I was excited to go and I knew I’d like it, but it caught me harder then I expected.

Can I tell you one of my favorite moments while exploring? You’ll probably laugh… Andrew and I were walking back to our hotel after a full day of sightseeing and it just so happened to be around 5 or 6pm. Suddenly the streets were filled with business men and women in sharp looking suits and briefcases walking home from work. I have never seen so many people walking through the streets in my life! It was amazing! And I knew that if I didn’t keep a brisk pace along side them I would instantly be that annoying tourist who slowed them down from getting home after a long day of work. So I powered along literally bursting with excitement. Why? I cant quite tell you, but something about it was absolutely invigorating to me.



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