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My turn as the client

I met Jamie through Instagram almost two years ago.  She’s one of the most passionate and hardworking hairdressers around owning her own salon “Pin and Plait Studio” and an incredibly successful online course “Oh Hot Gram” designed to help fellow hairdressers utilize their Instagram accounts in a way that turns into real life clients and business growth. And she’s only 25! If I was even half as focused and determined as her at that age… Heck, if I was even half that now!!… But lets not play the “what if” game because that can go downhill pretty fast.

Over the past two years Andrew and I have become good friends with Jamie and her husband Mark. We all get along great and the conversation is always overflowing with drive and inspiration. But with all of us having such busy schedules it can be really hard to set aside time to hang out or grab dinner together. So I booked an appointment to get my hair colored.  It’s the perfect solution.  It happens all the time with my other friends that the only time we get to see each other is during their hair appointments with me. So I did the same with Jamie.  Lucky for me Jamie just happens to be a phenomenal hairdresser and her salon is the absolute cutest!  So I felt like I got the real experience. I mean, the one clients get but I don’t usually experience.  Making my appointment, driving to a salon that is not my everyday work place and actually getting my hair blow dried and curled by someone other then myself. It was wonderful!  I had a great time with amazing conversation and freshly blonde hair! A total score in my book!





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  1. Mamas
    at (5 years ago)

    Felt great didn’t it. That’s how I feel when you do my hair. Pampered and beautiful. Thank you for always being here for me.