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Off The Grid

My In-Laws have a second home out in the middle of nowhere. Its nothing extravagant but it has just enough of all the right ingredients for a fun weekend away. There’s no Wi-Fi and the cell service is pretty spotty but they’ve got a golf cart, a quad, a pond and a few acres of land to play in.  It’s the perfect inspiration for to everyone to put their phones away and spend the entire day outside.

This particular weekend Andrew and I packed up and headed out with his sister Danielle and her boyfriend. Danielle is hilarious and up for anything. Her boyfriend Caleb is the serious guy to her silly character and its so funny to watch. Being that I have some seriously silly tendencies myself when you put Danielle and I together I’m sure you can imagine the outcome, A really good time!

Extensions:Bellami Hair

Sandals: Target

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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