Our Favorite Irish Boys – Allie Lilio

Our Favorite Irish Boys

In May of 2016 we met Ryan and Conor, two Irish boys visiting the states. Andrew Ryan and Conor had all three been following each other on Instagram but after an all night hang out at our friends loft in LA we were all friends. Andrew and I had already booked our first trip to Ireland so we made plans to meet up with them when we got there.  It was really nice to have two familiar faces waiting for us on our first time outside of the United States.

So come October we had a blast hanging out with them. These two are the most easy going, silliest guys. Which is so me and Andrew! We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously and we love that Ryan and Conor don’t either. Queue Conor’s velociraptor impersonation… Trust me you guys, it’s hilarious. I wish you all could see it.

So when we came back this time we couldn’t wait to hang out with them again. (And don’t think I forgot to mention Kerri, Ryan’s girlfriend, because I didn’t and she’s amazing and we were so happy to see her too!) It was funny, we were talking about how we live thousands and thousands of miles away from each other but somehow we’ve spent more time with them over the past year then we have with friends who live only 20 minutes away. I guess that’s just how things work out sometimes. When you’re young you make friends according to location, whoever lives near you or goes to your school becomes your friend.  But when you get older you make friends according to who you have common interest, who you can be yourself around and the proximity of where you live takes backseat to the quality of your time spent together.  

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