Our First Time – Allie Lilio

Our First Time

Although Andrew and I are both hairdressers we’ve taken very different directions in our careers. We both started out across the board doing all types of hair, men’s, women’s, color, cut, styling ect. But it wasn’t long before we both narrowed down our fields to what we excelled at most, and funnily enough they were complete opposites. The nice thing about it has always been that if I get a request for something I don’t do, I send that client to Andrew. And when Andrew gets a request for something he doesn’t do, he sends that client over to me. To add to that, we’ve never worked in the same salon so our working paths pretty much never cross.

That is until this PandCo photoshoot. I will start by saying that the work I do doesn’t usually feel like work. I have a great job and especially when I’m working a photoshoot or a wedding its just so much fun. But I will admit that prior to arriving to each wedding or photoshoot I do experience a small-moderate amount of nerves. And honestly that’s simply because I have the anticipation of making sure I’m on time and making sure I connect with whoever it is I’m working with in order to deliver the results they want. I mean really, the second I meet everyone those nerves always go away

That being said, driving to “work” on a photoshoot that both myself and my husband were doing hair for was phenomenally different. There were no nerves, no anticipation, not a single familiar work feeling. And the hour and a half drive that normally feels so long when I’m alone went by in a second. Somehow the simple act of my husband being with me made me feel like we were just cruising to the dessert to meet some friends.

It was a great day and so much fun, even though we were in the middle of the desert doing hair in 106 degree weather and taking pictures near water that filled the air with the thick smell of rotten eggs… Haha, but those are just minor details right?!

Clothing: PandCO

Location: The Salton Sea

Hair:  Andrew Does Hair,  Allie Liliokalani

Models: Jimmy Q,  Olivia

Photographers:  Gils PhotographySaxon CampbellLouis Renay

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