Patio Revamp – Allie Lilio

Patio Revamp

Summer is here and for me that means I want to be outside as much as possible.  We don’t have much of an outside living space, only a small back patio, but what I’ve got I want to be an enjoyable space to spend time in.

Last year Andrew and I spruced up our little patio by building a succulent wall and put up a few strings of lights.  We loved it and surprisingly I was able to keep those little succulents alive! (I have the worst luck with plants!!) And then about 5 months ago our HOA went through our complex and cleaned out all the gutters. You’d think that’d be fine except the fact that they had zero regard for our patio. They dumped leaves and branches everywhere breaking our lights and crushing and killing our succulents. The worst part is they made no effort to clean up their mess. Needless to say I was so frustrated by the whole situation I completely ignored it and stayed off the patio for months.

Now here I am, fresh into early summer, feeling good and wanting to enjoy my patio. So I put the HOA awfulness behind me and revamped my little outdoor living area. One trip to The Home Depot and I had everything I needed. Lights have been restrung, broken posts are fixed and fresh baby succulents have been replanted (And fed. I don’t know if this succulent “food” actually works but with my terrible luck with plants I’ll take all the help I can get.) Best part is it only took me one day! I had everything finished in time for Andrew to BBQ us dinner.

I love my little patio. Its small and simple but it’s also relaxing. It’s everything I want for my summer evenings outside.



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