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Those London Friends of ours

About 2 1/2 years ago Andrew told me a friend from London (whom he had only met on Instagram) was coming to the states and wanted to see if it was cool to let him and his girlfriend stay with us for a few days. Normally Andrew tends to lean a bit towards the “Stranger Danger” side of things so the fact that he was cool with them staying in our home, having never met in person before, told me there must be something special about these two. There was. From the minute they got to our place we instantly hit it off. We had to most amazing time with them over the few days they stayed with us and I can honestly say I think we were all pretty bummed when it came time for them to leave.  So we parted ways with hopes and promises of Andrew and I visiting them in London. 

After 2 1/2 years Andrew and I finally got ourselves over to London and reunited with Jody and Holly. Once again we had an absolute blast hanging out with them. Its kind of wonderful when you find people that you connect with so well it doesn’t matter that you only get to see each other a few days at a time and a few years apart or that you happen to live in two different countries. We seriously love these two.

You know when you’re traveling and you’re trying to absorb the culture and way of life of the place you’re in but you just know there are things you’re missing because as a tourist you really only skim the surface? Well, an amazing bonus to having friends who are born and raised in the land you’re visiting is that they know all of those things you don’t even know to look for. For example, Have you ever heard of a Sunday roast? It’s literally like Thanksgiving dinner. Only better. With more food. And its available Every. Single. Sunday. I mean, that’s brilliant. (And just for anyone who’s wondering, Andrew and I were warned repeatedly by many different people that the food in both England and Ireland was terrible. We didn’t find that to be the case. We honestly did not have a single bad meal. Maybe we aren’t very picky or maybe everyone else was eating at the wrong places. We may never know.)

Andrew loves Jody’s style so he was really looking forward to being able to shop at some of the places Jody shops. So aside from Sunday brunch they showed us around a ton of rad areas in London like Oxford Circus, Carnaby Street, SOHO and Camden Market.  Andrew did some major shopping and was quite the happy camper.

But once again our time with Jody and Holly came to an end. Why does it always have to end?  We’re not sure when our next visit will be, or if it will be here in the states or back in London, but I know it will be great and I’m looking forward to seeing them again.

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