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virginia city

My cousin had asked if Andrew and I would like to join her and her husband Josh on a trip to Tahoe.  They had to go to Reno for a work conference and figured they would extend the trip and drive an hour up the mountain to Lake Tahoe.  We thought, what the heck? We’d never been there before so why not?!

The day we got to Reno Britney and Josh were both busy in meetings so we grabbed an Uber and headed up to Virginia City.  We’d heard a lot about Virginia City, a bunch of our friends had told us it was most definitely worth visiting. The city was built back in the 1800’s and has all the original buildings and wooden sidewalks from when it was a booming mining town. Andrew and I love historical places and were really looking forward to seeing a town that was so old and original.

It was just as cute and quaint as we had been told. Perched on top of a hill the entire city consisted of one main drag, one street lined with buildings. Its kind of funny when you think about how one street was a major city back in the day when now it seems so small. 

We walked up and down the street looking in all the stores and checking out all the Bonanza memorabilia ( for any of you who know what Bonanza is or watched the show, they talked about Virginia city and visited it because when the show took place, it was the biggest city around. Also, the show itself was filmed nearby.)

We had a great day but when we went to call an Uber to get us back to the hotel we could not get a ride. It turns out that although our Uber driver from earlier in the day was happy to drop us off in Virginia City he failed to mention that most drivers wont drive up there. We could not find a ride! We were sitting in a bar, one of the only places that was still open, and trying over and over with no takers.  The bartender must have been able to tell we were out of place there and asked about our situation. She was the one who then informed us that Ubers almost never drive up there. She was so sweet and offered to give us a ride when her shift was over…worst case scenario.  Somehow we found an app that’s coupled with Uber where you can offer the driver straight cash on top of the Uber fare as an extra incentive to pick us up.  After a few failed attempts we finally ended up getting a ride home which I think cost us an extra $50 for a 30 min ride. It wasn’t the cheapest transportation, we could have rented a car for much less, but the experience was an interesting one that we counted as another traveling adventure.

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